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Data Science
Rushmore Predictions
Forecasting & Predictions

Rushmore Predictions analyzes your data, finds hidden relationships and correlations, produces interactive visualizations and graphs easy for you to understand, and creates a data model algorithm to classify your data and make predictions in order to solve your business problems. This includes analyzing your machine sensor logs to predict failures and maintenance periods, and developing automation plans to reduce energy consumption. Contact us for a customized quote.

Business Audio
Rushmore Audio

Rushmore Audio delivers and installs a complete Background Audio and PA system for your business, integrated with your security, emergency/fire alarm, and evacuation systems. The system includes hardware, confirguration, and installation, or can be applied as a thin layer on top of your current system, complete with GUI's, touchscreen controllers and custom programming to meet your needs. Contact us for full demo.

Rushmore Campaign Manager
(Rushmore Database)
Campaign Finance Manager

Rushmore Solutions provides software for your business that will help you avoid replication, avoid errors, improve productivity, and most of all, save time, converting your scattered spreadsheets into a centralized database, accessible remotely and securely by select members, or everyone on your team, generating customized, easy-to-read, dynamic data reports.

Rushmore Campaign Manager is the leading web-based database solution for managing your election campaign finances. Rushmore has a broad range of packages for every size campaign, no matter how large or small, from U.S. Senatorial to state Congressional races, generals and primaries. Rushmore features multi-campaign cross-queries, email list generators, exports to Excel along with mail-merge, de-duplication, and address checking tools. Rushmore also gives your campaign the ability to accept campaign contributions online, automatically adhering to gift limits.

The full political election Campaign Management Solution from Rushmore includes: Integration with FEC Filings, Alarms for required donor information, Account Duplication Checker which matches Spouses and Organizations, U.S. Post Office Address Checker, Adhering to contribution limits, Maxed-Out/Not-Maxed-Out Queries, Cross-Campaign/Election Queries, Single Largest Gift Queries, List Manager, Event Manager, Deadline alert system, User-defined Regions, Email List Generator, Fax List Generator, Conduit Tracker, Mail Merge Export, Web, Text, and Spreadsheet Output, Multi-User Environment for 1 license, Customizeable for your particular campaign, Internet Accessible, Login Manager, Expense Reporting, Calendar, Forum , FEC e-Filer, County Voter Lists (already de-duplicated and householded), Document Upload Center, and a Campaign Website accepting Online Donations.

About Us

We Are Rushmore Solutions

We love technology and have been developing solutions for more than 35 years. We love helping people find solutions to grow their businesses and achieve great success. There are so many different areas we work in, and we love them all, learning all about each client and what they do, how they can do it better, and how they can do it best.

"...a few feet of stone that bears witness, carries the likeness, the dates, a word or two of the great things we accomplished..." — Gutzon Borglum, Sculptor


Data Science20 years
Programming35 years
Web Development25 years
Audio Systems35 years
Image Processing15 years
Systems Integration10 years
Web Hosting15 years
Digital Marketing10 years

We are very confident

We have real-world, practical experience, way beyond what your fresh-out-of-college junior designer has, or student playing around with web design using pre-built templates who is then unable to make the customizations you were promised. We are programmers, software developers, and data scientists who can edit a pre-existing design, even those impossible themes the others couldn't manage, modifying the source code to make your site look and work exactly the way you always wanted. Or we can build you a brand new web app from scratch, integrating it with your hardware and data systems, giving you more power in your business. We can take care of all the details from start to finish: images, text, look-and-feel, front-end and back-end programming, data pipelines and algorithms, systems integrations, custom UIs, cloud computing, and web hosting.

  • Rushmore Solutions is Genius! They created something profound and magical with an amazing twist we could never have imagined.

    RonBusiness Owner
  • They captured the ideas we discussed in the meeting and reproduced them exactly as I had pictured.

  • It's refreshing to work with such intelligence, always giving us great recommendations and guiding our company to success.

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  • Shopping Malls

    Background Music, Commercials, Announcements, PA System, Seasonal Themes, Continuous Updates, Band Inputs + People Counting Cameras with live online reporting, Facial and License Plate Recognition

  • Politicians

    Campaign Finance Management Software, Database, Integrated Website with Online Campaign Contributions for Political Candidates and Elected Officials including U.S. Senators, Congressman, Governors and more, with total collected contributions of more than $10 million

  • Hotels & Housing

    Websites, hosting and email for Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, and Real Estate companies, including Search Filters, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Booking Engine, PMS, Intregration with Access Control System, Channel Manager, and Social Media Management and Marketing

  • Law Firms

    Websites, hosting, email and branding for Lawyers and Law Firms with case libraries and queryable database

  • Doctors, Engineers & Technicians

    Websites, hosting, email, branding, databases for doctors, engineers and technicians, from large companies to smaller outfits of CCTV and Electricians. We have developed large-scale intranets with interactive manufacturing and engineering databases, document storage, and queryable employee profiles.

  • Weddings & Events

    Websites, hosting, email, social media management and marketing for weddings, couples, planners, florists, photographers, djs, venues, nightclubs and other events

  • Agencies

    Marketing, Photography, Modeling and Art Gallery Websites with beautiful, full-page gallery displays and slideshow photo viewers

  • Resorts & Business Centers

    Background Music, Announcements, PA System, Multiple-Channel, Multiple Simultaneous Distinct-Themed Rooms, Seasonal Themes, Continuous Updates, Aux Inputs + People Counting Cameras with live online reporting, Facial and License Plate Recognition

  • E-Commerce

    Websites, hosting, email, databases, shopping carts for online stores, auctions, and for-sale listing sites similar to eBay and Craig's List

  • Hosting & Email

    $Custom Pricing

    Virtual, VPS, CDN and Dedicated Servers

    • Domain Names
    • Domain Transfers
    • Private Registrations
    • Secure Certificates
    • Anti-Malware
    • Hosting + Servers
    • Email Forwards
    • Email Accounts
    • MySQL Databases
    • Dedicated IPs
    • 24/7 Support
  • Website Design

    $Custom Pricing

    From one-pagers to Giant, Interactive Platforms

    • Repair your old Site
    • Update your old Site
    • Brand New Sites
    • Intranets
    • Members Areas
    • Contact Forms
    • Mailing Lists
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Photos + Editing
    • 24/7 Support
  • Data Science

    $Custom Pricing

    Data Analysis & Predictions

    • Data Scraping
    • Data Cleaning
    • Feature Engineering
    • Algorithms
    • Evaluation
    • Tuning
    • Deployment
    • Cloud Computing
    • Interactive Graphs
    • Geographic Plots
    • 24/7 Support
  • System Development $Custom Pricing

    Customized Software Applications

    • Touchscreen UIs
    • QSC Q-Sys Audio
    • Lua Programming
    • LabVIEW NI
    • PCB Layout
    • People Counter Cams
    • C•CURE 9000 Tyco
    • Fire Alarm Integration
    • Streaming Media
    • Anything you need
    • 24/7 Support
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